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Lower Columbia Salmon Resource Map

The Lower Columbia Salmon Resource Map is an interactive web map that contains regional recovery and habitat strategy resources to support salmon and steelhead across the lower Columbia River basin in southwest Washington. Map resources build on the All-H recovery scenario in the Washington Lower Columbia Salmon Recovery and Fish & Wildlife Subbasin Plan.

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Lower Columbia Salmon Resource Map v2.png

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The Lower Columbia Salmon Resource Map is designed to inform habitat restoration, conservation and programmatic actions by Tribes, state agencies, counties, restoration practitioners, conservation organizations, landowners and other interested parties.

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Winter 2024

Phase 1: Initial release of Lower Columbia Salmon Resource Map

Fall 2024

Phase 2: Fish passage barrier correction priorities available

Spring 2025

Phase 3: Focused Investment Habitat Action Priorities available

Habitat strategy priorities are under development and new information will continue to be added to guide strategic investments to priority areas for protecting and restoring watershed processes and habitat conditions for salmon and steelhead. In the interim, the Ecosystem Diagnosis and Treatment (EDT) layer continues to function as the regional habitat strategy technical foundation. It also contains habitat recovery priorities. Priority habitat action map layers are also currently available for the Upper Cowlitz and Cispus subbasins.


Recovery mapping resources include information on salmon distribution, biological and habitat conditions, and land cover details at both the jurisdictional and watershed scales. The subbasin layer details viability status and goal information for each of the 72 salmon and steelhead populations in the region.

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