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Habitat Studies and Watershed Assessments

Focused Investment Strategy for Habitat (FISH)

FISH is a collaborative effort to update the lower Columbia River regional habitat strategy and more strategically focus restoration, conservation and programmatic recovery actions on the highest priority watersheds and salmon and steelhead populations. 

Considerable effort has occurred over the last two decades to address past and ongoing losses of salmon and steelhead habitat. However, a formal review of progress across All-H recovery programs has not been completed but is necessary to provide the foundation for adaptive management of ongoing habitat investments. 

FISH addresses this gap by incorporating progress toward All-H impact reductions and population viability targets, while also considering climate change and land use patterns. The FISH effort will identify strategic landscape-scale habitat actions that leverage All-H recovery efforts to more effectively support the conservation and restoration of watershed processes and achievement of recovery goals through land use program coordination and habitat project implementation. 

FISH Flow Chart - All H Context.jpg

More information on FISH will be added to the website as it is developed. Reach out to Amelia if you would like to learn more about the project:  

The Lower Columbia Fish Recovery Board collaborates with stakeholders to develop watershed assessments and strategies that build on habitat priorities in the Recovery Plan. Some assessments and strategies include prioritized project concepts and designs while others have more generalized recommended habitat actions.


Restoration and conservation organizations are encouraged to review assessments and strategies, and to select concepts and designs for implementation. Contact staff if you have questions about assessments, recommended actions, or if you are considering starting a new assessment or strategy project. 

Click on the links below to learn more about individual watershed strategies and assessments.

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